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Secure chat

Secure chat means that your messages can be read only by you and a person that you are writing to.
In a normal chat (like on facebook or skype), your messages should be secure too, but they are not!
Administrators of a website or hackers who can possibly break into your account can read them.
Only encrypted chat, using cryptography guarantees that your messages are totally secret.
We are the First social network with end to end encryption!

How to use our secure chat?

You need to set up a secure chat password. It should be a totally new password, not the one used for futurenet or any other service.
You can always change this password but remember, you will lose your whole chat history if you do so!
After you enter the password it will never be sent to our servers. Your computer will automatically generate a 'public key' and send it to us. Your password will never be revailed or sent to us.

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